• Gold's worst enemy is chlorine which can weaken gold's structure, eventually leading to breakage. So keep your gold jewellery away from chlorinated cleaning products and out of swimming pools and jacuzzis.
  • Keep gold jewellery away from household cleaning products which contain acids, abrasives and other harsh chemicals.
  • One effective way of cleaning gold rings and bracelets is to dissolve a sachet of an antacid, drop in your gold jewellery, keep it in for a few minutes and rinse under tap water until you have washed it all off.
  • Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your gold jewellery.
  • Take gold jewellery to a jeweller annually to have it checked for loose parts or other damage.


  • To protect your silver, always wrap it in jeweller's tissue and save it in a plastic zip lock bag and seal.
  • Real silver is a soft metal and can be damaged by a fingernail or even a wadded piece of fabric. Hence, avoid being too rough with it.
  • All silver is prone to oxidation when exposed to the atmosphere, and consequently it tarnishes. Gently rub it with a silver cleaning cloth it will restore the original brilliance of the surface.
  • Do not use liquid cleaners for carved silver jewellery because the liquid dries into the engraving and spoils its look and glow.


We've created this Basic Jewelry Care Guide to direct you in the proper care of your jewelry. We hope that you'll find these guidelines helpful and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.


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